Hey guys

How long has it been?
A year? Around that maybe?
The reason am posting now is that i got the android app for wordpress. Yes i got an android galaxys s and am so happy with this phone.
Been busy, u know work, social life, relaxing and idling whenever possible, video games, activism, animes…etc all of which r important to me.
What else? Oh yes. I am a FATHER now 😉 it has been over 9 months since my last post hasn’t it ;)?
I find Lulu to be the most beautiful baby. Not just saying that coz am her father, everyone who see’s her is struck by her beauty. Ofc her father’s genes :p
Been an interesting journey getting there and it keeps getting more interesting. Life is good. Am so glad i took steps to get over my depression few years back and now i enjoy everything that life throws at me. The good and the bad. For as long as you have faith. Everything that happens is a blessing in one way or another.
What else? I love the changes the world is experiencing. The arab world mostly. The open communication and the internet has started this massive revolution. And i support all these attempts of our people in muslim countries to take initiative and change on their own terms against those oppressive regimes. Those people in power have used everything to terrorize, yes terrorize the masses but the youth have realized real change requires sacrifice and won’t let anything nor anyone bring them down. My prayers goes with them and us to be able to change our communities to a better form. The new rules,, nothing is barred, our leaders are not sacred, and you can only be here if we accept to keep u here and if we dont like the way u do things then ur gone. No, ur not different than the ones that were thrown out whether recently or throughout history.
And finally since am a father now i can say this; I want my child to live in a better world 😀


iPhone 4 Highway ROBBERY in Kuwait

Apple is an innovative company, with a visionary leader. All of that is indisputable. But this INNOVATIVE company adopts a dinosaur age business model. Unlike Google or Dell which believe in openness in the market Apple still exclusively distributes its products through resellers. Resulting in VERY BAD RESULTS.
I am talking prices Mr Steve “Old school so called innovation” Jobs.
It is Highway ROBBERY, making apple so hard to defend.
The most expensive iPad in the apple store “which only delivers to the states” is less expensive than the CHEAPEST iPad in Kuwait. The cheapest iPad in Kuwait costs 275 KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar) at .29075 exchange rate is 945.83 USD
While on the apple store the MOST EXPENSIVE iPad is 829 USD @ .29075 would be 241 KWD. Therefore in Kuwait, where not getting ripped off, we’r getting ROBBED. All because Mr Jobs believes in giving the resellers the liberty to JACK UP PRICES as they please.
Now the iPhone 4 has been introduced, the 16GB goes for $100 and 32GB goes for $200.
Now you can pre-order the iPhone in Excite Alghanim for 300KWD which is 1,032 USD.
hmmm so, 200 USD real value vs 1,000 Value + Profit.
Did it sink in dear readers? thats 5X the value 500% Over the price. WTF

Now there are alternatives to the iPhone 4, RIM the blackberry manufacturer is in the process of developing a phone that will compete with the iPhone and a tablet pc that competes w/ the iPad. Also Motorola have released their latest Smartphone running the Google OS Android called Droid X, which is thinner than iPhone4 has a higher resolution camera 8 MegaPixels as opposed to the iPhone’s 5 MPS camera,  4.3 in’ display as opposed to the iPhone’s 3.7 display and has the HD video and front camera features, in a nutshell its better than the iPhone in every way (hardware wise)… only catch is …. the phone is locked to Verizon wireless and isn’t available worldwide…. GG

3 months ended in 2010

And it feels like yesterday we just celebrated the new year
I guess that is a good sign that I feel how time flew.. Means am liking life 😀
This isn’t really news but commentary on my part
It was reported that google founders have announced plans to sell off their majority holdings in google in a long term disposal agreement ending 2014

That point in my opinion will be the end of google as we know it, since it will be governed collectively by a board of directors and not sticking to the revolutionary founders’ visions.
It will depend on the founders’ level of participation after losing majority control. But I guess every story has an end. And this happens to be a very happy end for the inspirational success story of the visionaries who started this company since they will be capitalizing on their success at this point.
And we will always have their story as a constant inspiration to us all.
Now please whoever is initiating all these meaningless forwards. There is no point in reading Black Berry backwords, nor reading Coca Cola In front of a mirror, and no mosque doesn’t originate from mosquito, not every petty single imaginary thing a result of a zionist conspiracy. The results of their conspiracies r wayyy more evident in annexing and denigrating our holy sites, while blatantly belittling our reactions and giving them no weight at all. Grow up and fight the real fight instead of spreading these petty rumors that make the sender look like a joke.

Final Fantasy XIII

I am a big fan of the final fantasy series
Although I only got to play 2 which are Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X
The latter took me a whole semester in college to finish. I literally started playing it at the beginning of the semester and got to finish it right around the finals. Didn’t just finish the game but got all the side/secrets unlocked
I don’t have such time anymore 😦

The newest Final Fantasy XIII got great reviews. Ofcourse no Final Fantasy is as great as VII and everyone tries to compare it to that one. Not to mention that VII got the best soundtracks ever.. Don’t believe me? look them up on yourtube

FFXIII’s reviews mention the linearity of the game as opposed to how open it used to be. I wouldn’t have a problem w/ that tbh I thought the older ones were too open and I’m the type that likes to aim for a goal and work my way to get it

You can only play one character during batles while the other 2 characters will act automatically according to the roles you assign them. That is a bummer but I bet the reason is it takes more action to handle that one character giving u a different feel than the turn based traditional battle style of FF

The story line is awesome according to the reviewers and for those who r not familiar with the Final Fantasy series you WILL GET BLOWN AWAY, note: I didn’t even play the game myself but I know how Square Enix doesn’t believe in boundaries and things always become so big. 2 Worlds separated and Mysterious “god” figures regulate them. Can you imagine how far things will go in the story?

The game will be released on PS3 and XBOX 360, the reviews mention that the PS3 version has more attention to details when it comes to the graphics giving you a better overall gaming experience.. but If you only own a 360 then u still should enjoy the game

Here is the US Trailer of the game

And here is the IGN Review of the game

Hope this sparks your interest in the final fantasy saga and believe me no words can describe the experience you get when playing any of the Fina Fantasies. Expectations r shattered and Limits r broken, nothing barred; betrayals, the supernatural, the … just play one of them and you’ll be shocked by how far these Japs would go 😉

Temporary suspension

Due to mental Backlog

Enjoy the evilness of testament


I went to sleep last night around 1:30 am
Around 4 I wake up after 2.5 hours of sleep and couldn’t go back to sleep after.. Allah ysami7 illy kan ilsabab 😦
As I mentioned b4 that Sundays r slow days which is good.. So far I finished my morning reports coz am expecting by midday I’ll collapse but we’ll c how this day goes

I am optimistic w/ scientific progress specifically in the medical field since there is huge progress in stem cell research and nano technology… These 2 fields have the potential to cure most of the cases or diseases wordwide including disabilities, AIDS, cancer.. etc
Scientists keep making the world a better place to live, some might argue theyr doing their jobs too well that longevity has increased world-wide and the older population is surviving longer… Isn’t that too cruel, in a nutshell they say too many old people 😛

I love the Tarja Version of the next song… Tarja was the main vocalist of the band Nightwish and I can’t keep this song out of my head. Poison was originally performed by Alice Cooper of Alice in Chans. But in this version Tarja pleasures our ears w/ the melodies and harmonies of her briliant voice and vocal talents

UPDATE: Got back home at 3:30 pm.  Fell asleep woke up at 7:30.  Went back to sleep around 2 am and woke up at 6:40 am

I am feeling sleepy already :S

UPDATE 2: This is turning into a sleep journal.. something I’ve been meaning to document for a long ime

Went back home fighting the urge to sleep, not because I want to regulate my sleep, but because I had urgent stuff to do yesterday.  Around 6 pm I decided to take a half hour nap, which almost worked till I got a phone call half way through my nap 😦 Went back to napping and woke up at 7:45 pm instead.

After running those errands at a hurry b4 everything is closed I went bak home and managed to sleep around 2:30 am around 4 a similar scenario happened again and I couldn’t sleep well but I did manage to get some sleep at least nonetheless.  Woke up at 6 but decided to stay in bed till 6:45 am when I finally started getting ready to go to work.

I am not feeling energetic today but I bet no one is and I attribute that to the dusty weather we’r having and not the lack of sleep

Am starting to get used to inducing caffeine nothing wrong w/ that I dont think since I use it to prevent me from sleeping during work hours.

Migraine headache.. OUCH

Thats how it was for me over the weekend all the way till sunday

I hate migraines 😦
I take phenamic acid to relieve the pain
The pain is described as a very sharp pain focused in a small spot
The pain is like a small thread thats situated in a spesific place inside the brain.. so when someone asks where the pain is I have to point w/ 2 fingers so they can understand its inside where the projectile trajectory of where am pointing w/ the 2 fingers intersect
might be hard to grasp but w/ a lil focus and rereading u can understand how that description goes 🙂 not about to paint a picture here

What r the causes of migraine headaches???
No one knows, doctors have identified a list from their observations like hormonal changes (especially in women) red-meat stress and so many other things can cause it

The only thing we who suffer from it can do is live through the pain

Yalla, ni7tisib il2ajir