Migraine headache.. OUCH

Thats how it was for me over the weekend all the way till sunday

I hate migraines 😦
I take phenamic acid to relieve the pain
The pain is described as a very sharp pain focused in a small spot
The pain is like a small thread thats situated in a spesific place inside the brain.. so when someone asks where the pain is I have to point w/ 2 fingers so they can understand its inside where the projectile trajectory of where am pointing w/ the 2 fingers intersect
might be hard to grasp but w/ a lil focus and rereading u can understand how that description goes 🙂 not about to paint a picture here

What r the causes of migraine headaches???
No one knows, doctors have identified a list from their observations like hormonal changes (especially in women) red-meat stress and so many other things can cause it

The only thing we who suffer from it can do is live through the pain

Yalla, ni7tisib il2ajir



  1. Salamat inshallah. My sis has a migraine headache as well .. Whenever she’s in pain she says “Nobody understands the pain I’m going through!!”

  2. salamat! 😦

    i usually just live through the pain…i like to torture myself, dont ask ;p

    but if it gets really bad, you might wanna go for brufen…it helps alot 🙂

  3. Pisces Chick: Allah ysalmich. La tell ur sister vinnie knows exactly how that pain feels
    This language I learned from the doctors abroad they ask u when describing the pain:
    1- What kind of pain? (Dull or Sharp)
    2- Where is the pain?
    3- on a scale from 1 – 10, 10 being the worst pain how would u rate ur pain
    On side notes sometimes u get nausea or other side effects w/ this headache which is what happened w/ me on Sunday.. and sometimes u have to treat these symptoms seperately.
    Allah ilmosta3an o allah y3een ur sister

    Doona: Allah ysalmich
    If I was to torture myself that wouldn’t be the type of pain I would torture myself w/.
    I know u said don’t ask but I can’t help but wonder, masochism?
    I used to try regular pain killers like Panadol then I started w/ this mosakkin called Cataflam, supposedly stronger than Panadol.
    Then the doctor prescribed me Cafergot which is specific to migraines and now I use Phenamic acid I think its called
    is brufen better for migraines? Should I ask the Doctor to prescribe it for me?

  4. My mom used to have harsh migraines for years. They stopped 2 years back for no reason. Probably some hormonal change phase. She takes pain killers and try to sleep it off.

    I do get migraines as well. As far as I’ve read, it’s genetic. I don’t take pain killers or any sort of medicine. I drink fresh lemon juice and play loud metal music and hope for the pain to go away.

    I don’t know about mom’s migraines, but mine hit half my brain. Either half and makes want to drill through my skull or hammer a nail into it.

    • OUCH!! Now that you described it like that, I can feel the pain my sis goes through.
      I’m sorry you guys 😦

      • That doesn’t really quite describe it, but yeah .. it’s something like that.

        el 7amdellah 3ala kil 7al & thanks for the emotional support :p

      • Inshallah u never know this pain 🙂

  5. MBH: Interesting.. Fresh Lemon Juice and heavy metal… heavy metal would reuire u to headbang tho and if u headbang the pain gets worse
    Although Sad but True by metallica was described as music to listen to while doing a root canal or pulling ur teeth out
    But ya, it is as u described it… half ur brain and the way I feel is I want to stick a needle inside my brain and electricute it, my friend says he feels like bashing on his head w/ a hammer
    to each his own I guess but they all point to the same type of pain wer sharing

    Damn 66% of my regular commenters get migraines… Hope more progress and solutions come out of it

    Know the difference between a regular pain killer and a migraine pain killer? The migraine pain killer has caffiene in it.. So coffe should help also or just take the pain killer it might just take the pain away and u carry on w/ ur life

    And ya I guess it is genetic, too much piss in our gene pool 😦

    • Even when I’m in pain, I don’t take pain killers (panadol, paracetamol, …etc.). I’m against taking man-made medicine when it’s really needed.

      As for the pain, as long as it’s there, then I’m still sick. With pain killers, people forget they’re sick & exhaust their bodies even more, so they take more pain killers, and on they go.

      I don’t drink anything with caffeine: coffee, tea, pepsi, …etc. I’m much better without that crap in my body.

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