About Vinnie

Vinnie aka Kaos aka Zen aka cyberay

I was a blogger for 2 years and had to quit after my blog was being visited by unwanted people

Now am back to talk about all topics that interest me regarding Rock Music, Natural Human Rights and Freedoms, Progress, plus some personal stuff

You’ll get to know me through my posts and I’ll edit this page at my convenience

Cheerz m8s



  1. Interesting!

    Hey! I love Rock Music =)
    Nice to meet you.

  2. Rock Music is a passion of mine 🙂
    Nice to meet you too Pisces, I’m a Scorpio

    • Scorpio? hmm .. Pisces and Scorpio, These two make good friends 😛

      • I know, I get along with Pisces very well 😀
        I know this will be good 😀

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