Hey guys

How long has it been?
A year? Around that maybe?
The reason am posting now is that i got the android app for wordpress. Yes i got an android galaxys s and am so happy with this phone.
Been busy, u know work, social life, relaxing and idling whenever possible, video games, activism, animes…etc all of which r important to me.
What else? Oh yes. I am a FATHER now 😉 it has been over 9 months since my last post hasn’t it ;)?
I find Lulu to be the most beautiful baby. Not just saying that coz am her father, everyone who see’s her is struck by her beauty. Ofc her father’s genes :p
Been an interesting journey getting there and it keeps getting more interesting. Life is good. Am so glad i took steps to get over my depression few years back and now i enjoy everything that life throws at me. The good and the bad. For as long as you have faith. Everything that happens is a blessing in one way or another.
What else? I love the changes the world is experiencing. The arab world mostly. The open communication and the internet has started this massive revolution. And i support all these attempts of our people in muslim countries to take initiative and change on their own terms against those oppressive regimes. Those people in power have used everything to terrorize, yes terrorize the masses but the youth have realized real change requires sacrifice and won’t let anything nor anyone bring them down. My prayers goes with them and us to be able to change our communities to a better form. The new rules,, nothing is barred, our leaders are not sacred, and you can only be here if we accept to keep u here and if we dont like the way u do things then ur gone. No, ur not different than the ones that were thrown out whether recently or throughout history.
And finally since am a father now i can say this; I want my child to live in a better world 😀


Happy 2010

Did you have any plans that should show results in 2010?
Try to look back at your planing from this point on.
The last decade was a total disappointment. The 1st ten years of the 21st century. Started with GW Bush getting elected as president to the US, the tech bubble burst, Corporate scandals featuring Enron and others, 9/11 terrorist attacks, On going economical recession. A Decade full of chrisis, downturn, and distress. Locally the passing away of the Emir Jaber AlAhmad AlSabah (May god show mercy on his soul) and the controversy surrounding the leadership following that event. I lost count to how many times the parliament got dissolved, Women gained the right to vote and run for the parliament, and changing the districts to 5 districts… I still dont agree w/ that last bit but oh well, what can u do. Some positive stuff came up… The century ended w/ the election of the 1st black president of the US from African roots, the slight rebound of the economy after the subprime crisis. And finally lots of scientific and technological advancements. As long as this advancement doesn’t stop despite the nasty politicians and their negative effect on every aspect of our lives… Seriously, when was the last time someone said: “wow, politicians really improved our lives with this decision?”  Okay, the health care bill of President Obama, besides that 😛
Kuwait got kicked out of international sporting events starting 1st of January 2010…
GG allz
Good Game, Good Game


Did they approve the new traffic rules?  a 10-20km/h overspeeding will be 100 kd… so watch it… I just paid the fines on my record for the last 3-4 years and it was around 100kd now that would be one ticket for 100 :S