Enough of Mugabe

Life has been going at a steady pace. Everything going plain and normal with most aspects.  Except… ummm well am gonna keep you posted another day but overall I am personally fine

I’ve been wondering what should my 2nd post after this return be about since I have a lot to talk about.  There are pressing matters in Kuwait now for example with the questioning of the prime minister over many subjects.  But then I come accross this video on youtube which is something I discussed on my last blog

In Zembabwe tyranny has been taking toll on the people and it got to the point that their dollar is virtually worthless

Now the people are suffering, seeing the video broke my heart to see in real life how these people try to just get along in their everyday life.  Lets discuss what we can do to help.  And lets start by praying for them

UPDATE (Kuwait)

The Amir dissolves the parliament yet again

More to come at a later post