iPhone 4 Highway ROBBERY in Kuwait

Apple is an innovative company, with a visionary leader. All of that is indisputable. But this INNOVATIVE company adopts a dinosaur age business model. Unlike Google or Dell which believe in openness in the market Apple still exclusively distributes its products through resellers. Resulting in VERY BAD RESULTS.
I am talking prices Mr Steve “Old school so called innovation” Jobs.
It is Highway ROBBERY, making apple so hard to defend.
The most expensive iPad in the apple store “which only delivers to the states” is less expensive than the CHEAPEST iPad in Kuwait. The cheapest iPad in Kuwait costs 275 KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar) at .29075 exchange rate is 945.83 USD
While on the apple store the MOST EXPENSIVE iPad is 829 USD @ .29075 would be 241 KWD. Therefore in Kuwait, where not getting ripped off, we’r getting ROBBED. All because Mr Jobs believes in giving the resellers the liberty to JACK UP PRICES as they please.
Now the iPhone 4 has been introduced, the 16GB goes for $100 and 32GB goes for $200.
Now you can pre-order the iPhone in Excite Alghanim for 300KWD which is 1,032 USD.
hmmm so, 200 USD real value vs 1,000 Value + Profit.
Did it sink in dear readers? thats 5X the value 500% Over the price. WTF

Now there are alternatives to the iPhone 4, RIM the blackberry manufacturer is in the process of developing a phone that will compete with the iPhone and a tablet pc that competes w/ the iPad. Also Motorola have released their latest Smartphone running the Google OS Android called Droid X, which is thinner than iPhone4 has a higher resolution camera 8 MegaPixels as opposed to the iPhone’s 5 MPS camera,  4.3 in’ display as opposed to the iPhone’s 3.7 display and has the HD video and front camera features, in a nutshell its better than the iPhone in every way (hardware wise)… only catch is …. the phone is locked to Verizon wireless and isn’t available worldwide…. GG


3 months ended in 2010

And it feels like yesterday we just celebrated the new year
I guess that is a good sign that I feel how time flew.. Means am liking life 😀
This isn’t really news but commentary on my part
It was reported that google founders have announced plans to sell off their majority holdings in google in a long term disposal agreement ending 2014

That point in my opinion will be the end of google as we know it, since it will be governed collectively by a board of directors and not sticking to the revolutionary founders’ visions.
It will depend on the founders’ level of participation after losing majority control. But I guess every story has an end. And this happens to be a very happy end for the inspirational success story of the visionaries who started this company since they will be capitalizing on their success at this point.
And we will always have their story as a constant inspiration to us all.
Now please whoever is initiating all these meaningless forwards. There is no point in reading Black Berry backwords, nor reading Coca Cola In front of a mirror, and no mosque doesn’t originate from mosquito, not every petty single imaginary thing a result of a zionist conspiracy. The results of their conspiracies r wayyy more evident in annexing and denigrating our holy sites, while blatantly belittling our reactions and giving them no weight at all. Grow up and fight the real fight instead of spreading these petty rumors that make the sender look like a joke.

Modern Warfare

Their robots against traditional soldiers
Isn’t it insulting to fight a robot? They r too advanced w/ their unmanned vehicles
Next major war we’ll c Robots doing most of the work w/ the soldiers holding a playstation controller style RC *NO JOKE

Btw, that project just got a $32Million endorsement from the Defense Research arm DARPA

All of these efforts are a part of the FCS program, Future Combat Systems

Be concerned