iPhone 4 Highway ROBBERY in Kuwait

Apple is an innovative company, with a visionary leader. All of that is indisputable. But this INNOVATIVE company adopts a dinosaur age business model. Unlike Google or Dell which believe in openness in the market Apple still exclusively distributes its products through resellers. Resulting in VERY BAD RESULTS.
I am talking prices Mr Steve “Old school so called innovation” Jobs.
It is Highway ROBBERY, making apple so hard to defend.
The most expensive iPad in the apple store “which only delivers to the states” is less expensive than the CHEAPEST iPad in Kuwait. The cheapest iPad in Kuwait costs 275 KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar) at .29075 exchange rate is 945.83 USD
While on the apple store the MOST EXPENSIVE iPad is 829 USD @ .29075 would be 241 KWD. Therefore in Kuwait, where not getting ripped off, we’r getting ROBBED. All because Mr Jobs believes in giving the resellers the liberty to JACK UP PRICES as they please.
Now the iPhone 4 has been introduced, the 16GB goes for $100 and 32GB goes for $200.
Now you can pre-order the iPhone in Excite Alghanim for 300KWD which is 1,032 USD.
hmmm so, 200 USD real value vs 1,000 Value + Profit.
Did it sink in dear readers? thats 5X the value 500% Over the price. WTF

Now there are alternatives to the iPhone 4, RIM the blackberry manufacturer is in the process of developing a phone that will compete with the iPhone and a tablet pc that competes w/ the iPad. Also Motorola have released their latest Smartphone running the Google OS Android called Droid X, which is thinner than iPhone4 has a higher resolution camera 8 MegaPixels as opposed to the iPhone’s 5 MPS camera,  4.3 in’ display as opposed to the iPhone’s 3.7 display and has the HD video and front camera features, in a nutshell its better than the iPhone in every way (hardware wise)… only catch is …. the phone is locked to Verizon wireless and isn’t available worldwide…. GG


Temporary suspension

Due to mental Backlog

Enjoy the evilness of testament


I went to sleep last night around 1:30 am
Around 4 I wake up after 2.5 hours of sleep and couldn’t go back to sleep after.. Allah ysami7 illy kan ilsabab 😦
As I mentioned b4 that Sundays r slow days which is good.. So far I finished my morning reports coz am expecting by midday I’ll collapse but we’ll c how this day goes

I am optimistic w/ scientific progress specifically in the medical field since there is huge progress in stem cell research and nano technology… These 2 fields have the potential to cure most of the cases or diseases wordwide including disabilities, AIDS, cancer.. etc
Scientists keep making the world a better place to live, some might argue theyr doing their jobs too well that longevity has increased world-wide and the older population is surviving longer… Isn’t that too cruel, in a nutshell they say too many old people 😛

I love the Tarja Version of the next song… Tarja was the main vocalist of the band Nightwish and I can’t keep this song out of my head. Poison was originally performed by Alice Cooper of Alice in Chans. But in this version Tarja pleasures our ears w/ the melodies and harmonies of her briliant voice and vocal talents

UPDATE: Got back home at 3:30 pm.  Fell asleep woke up at 7:30.  Went back to sleep around 2 am and woke up at 6:40 am

I am feeling sleepy already :S

UPDATE 2: This is turning into a sleep journal.. something I’ve been meaning to document for a long ime

Went back home fighting the urge to sleep, not because I want to regulate my sleep, but because I had urgent stuff to do yesterday.  Around 6 pm I decided to take a half hour nap, which almost worked till I got a phone call half way through my nap 😦 Went back to napping and woke up at 7:45 pm instead.

After running those errands at a hurry b4 everything is closed I went bak home and managed to sleep around 2:30 am around 4 a similar scenario happened again and I couldn’t sleep well but I did manage to get some sleep at least nonetheless.  Woke up at 6 but decided to stay in bed till 6:45 am when I finally started getting ready to go to work.

I am not feeling energetic today but I bet no one is and I attribute that to the dusty weather we’r having and not the lack of sleep

Am starting to get used to inducing caffeine nothing wrong w/ that I dont think since I use it to prevent me from sleeping during work hours.

Migraine headache.. OUCH

Thats how it was for me over the weekend all the way till sunday

I hate migraines 😦
I take phenamic acid to relieve the pain
The pain is described as a very sharp pain focused in a small spot
The pain is like a small thread thats situated in a spesific place inside the brain.. so when someone asks where the pain is I have to point w/ 2 fingers so they can understand its inside where the projectile trajectory of where am pointing w/ the 2 fingers intersect
might be hard to grasp but w/ a lil focus and rereading u can understand how that description goes 🙂 not about to paint a picture here

What r the causes of migraine headaches???
No one knows, doctors have identified a list from their observations like hormonal changes (especially in women) red-meat stress and so many other things can cause it

The only thing we who suffer from it can do is live through the pain

Yalla, ni7tisib il2ajir

On Subway

You guys seen the Jared ad for Subway?
atm am on a subway diet. I eat subway for lunch n dinner.. I didn’t really plan it but it kinda happened this way ^_^
Think it’ll work?… I’ll keep you updated

NOTE: I realize there is such a thing as web archiving so, its okay.. nothing was lost there.. just prefer not to show it for the technically impaired 😛

Blessed Happy Eid

We Never Forgot

40 years ago The Libyan leader Mo’ammar Algaddafi rose to power in what they call a bloodless coupe.
19 Years ago Iraq has invaded Kuwait and that invasion has shown some leaders in their true nature. We saw the “secret and leaked” video of the Arab League meeting when Several Arab countries didn’t even want to condemn the invasion. The most vocal of whom was the Libyan leader.
Today he celebrates 40 years on the revolution and we have Kuwaiti leaders at the top levels participating in the celebrations.
Us Kuwaitis never forgot what happened.. But I guess our leadership simply decided to yield :S