Are they serious?

I wish to talk about progress I really do, so many technological advancements making me a happy geek

But things like this happen and well….
The Shdadya area was promised for Kuwait university to build a full college town
Ofcourse that was years ago and as is the tradition w/ our verrrriiiii competent government things just won’t move because well, the government is full of idiots w/ power. Idiots is not exactly accurate they are total corrupt bastards cause they will block any move that won’t benefit themselves or someone they know.
So the Shdadya campus has been on halt
Today several lands on that Shdadya land has been handed for industrial use.. Basically they r taking pollutants from pedestrian areas, which is good, and placing them next to the “potential” college town, which is baaaaaaad.
The pollutants that are plaguing areas like the new Sa3ad Al3abdallah city and Om Ilheiman causing so many illnesses ranging from allergies to cancer, placing them next to future generations of students
Don’t you just love the way these people think?

Maybe they just won’t ever bother w/ the campus, nor the island of Failaka, did they say they were doing something about the Jaber hospital?   Seems like they are discarding all the older projects and replacing them w/ new ones?

Edit: wth, this song makes me feel good reminding me of the freedom we live, the freedom that we almost lost 20 years ago

Iron maiden’s the clansman