La 7awla walaqowwa illa billah

Since Egypt started building their controversial steel wall between their borders and Ghazza going as deep as 18 meters underground. Lot of people wondered about how the Palestians were to get the goods to support their families with their basic needs.
Egypt claims its a sovreignty issue which is understandable from a legal standpoint. But we all know its not that acceptable from a humaine view.
Egypt claims that it will allow humanitarian supplies into Ghazza as long as they were certified by the UN.
Riot broke out among supporters of (shirian al7ayat) relief effort and the Egyptian army resulting in an Egyptian soldier dying. And Egypt decides to absolutely stop any relief efforts from entering Ghazza through the Egyptian borders.
Muslim brothers fighting among themselves, killing each other, Zionists laughing in their comfy seats. 7araaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
This is the very definition of Fitna (Internal severe conflict)
What the Ghazza palestnians and the government of Egypt are doing is not even ethical among nations at war, let alone brothers bound by the religion of peace.