Migraine headache.. OUCH

Thats how it was for me over the weekend all the way till sunday

I hate migraines 😦
I take phenamic acid to relieve the pain
The pain is described as a very sharp pain focused in a small spot
The pain is like a small thread thats situated in a spesific place inside the brain.. so when someone asks where the pain is I have to point w/ 2 fingers so they can understand its inside where the projectile trajectory of where am pointing w/ the 2 fingers intersect
might be hard to grasp but w/ a lil focus and rereading u can understand how that description goes 🙂 not about to paint a picture here

What r the causes of migraine headaches???
No one knows, doctors have identified a list from their observations like hormonal changes (especially in women) red-meat stress and so many other things can cause it

The only thing we who suffer from it can do is live through the pain

Yalla, ni7tisib il2ajir


Not the best day

My Knee hurts, its a sharp pain that starts at my right knee and ends at my right ankle.

Am tiered. slept late last night and almost slept today while we were meeting w/ the manager… Actually my coleagues say that I did nap on my seat but thank god the manager didn’t notice.  I had a Cappacino, Turkish Coffee, and Mountain Dew…. Doesn’t seem to work

The network drive is down, I can’t work nor do anything :S

Well I guess while I wait on the IT dude I can catch up on blogging/news reading

PS: I like this theme, and I like the 3 side bars… Comments? Feedback?