B4 its illegal

Update: thanks to Altariq blog I was able to find a source on the Ministry of Information minister’s statement on Blogs monitoring (link in Arabic)

Like to link sources.


I apologize for the total inactivity I do get a lot of ideas and stuff but… I just can’t be bothered as I used to
Soooo many things happened in this country, Kuwait, and the world. From Israel increasing their settlements activities and auctioning land in the invaded Syrian Goolan to The questionings of top Kuwaiti government officials. Ooh, and the exciting game of Barcalona and our local Kazma, that was historic.
I am very grateful for the readers and commenters here but I can’t seem to be hardcore in anything anymore.
I used to be a hradcore Rocker, Hardcore MMORPG Player, Hardcore blogger, well u get the idea. Ever since i got married life’s been very chaotic for me to be hardcore in anything anymore. But marriage has its upside too 😛
Anyways I have a new job now also and *knock on wood* its going so well and I like the team which I believe is the most important thing in a job. I like the place too and I wanted to work there for so long, that also helps
Anyways whats happening in Kuwait now is just too much to be missed out on. The thing s *with my conspiracy theory oriented mind* I believe there is a plan, a conspiracy if u will to sabotage free speech in this country in the name of, well many things including what they call “National Unity”
From Writers hating the anonymity of bloggers like Fouad Alhashim

who said that all anonymous bloggers who express their opinions under a nick name are women. Settle in a museum, Dinosaur 😛
To the current controversy caused by M7ammad Aljoweihil for saying irresponsible things, as usual from such a “safeeh” ie an idiot, causing the government to rush a LAW TO REGULATE ONLINE BLOGS. Capitalizing on the emotional state people r in while using the idiot as a scapegoat.

Don’t you realize that in this country we dont like to hear things? so just everyone shut up.. if you wanna talk get a license to. otherwise don’t bother

Here’s the bull crap fest Jweihil started and messed things up on himself and everyone else
Play with fire… You get burned


Blessed Happy Eid

Kaos and Kontra-Versi r back with a hint of anarky

Am baaaaak

I started blogging in Jan 2007 stopped for privacy concerns.  Went back with a different handle and stuff… still the a-holes managed to find my blog so I stopped

Yes I am Vinnie from Contraversy

Kaos from Kaos Panic and Disorder

And now am in a position where I don’t really care about my identity getting exposed anymore.  That shouldn’t stand in the way of progress and nothing will

I am a rock n Roll Musician, a business and tech savvy.  During the Bush years I lived in the states, and that drew me to focus on human rights

I lived in depression and got treated.  Now I c things more clearly

These are examples of topics that will be handled in my blog Zen of Chaos