Final Fantasy XIII

I am a big fan of the final fantasy series
Although I only got to play 2 which are Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X
The latter took me a whole semester in college to finish. I literally started playing it at the beginning of the semester and got to finish it right around the finals. Didn’t just finish the game but got all the side/secrets unlocked
I don’t have such time anymore 😦

The newest Final Fantasy XIII got great reviews. Ofcourse no Final Fantasy is as great as VII and everyone tries to compare it to that one. Not to mention that VII got the best soundtracks ever.. Don’t believe me? look them up on yourtube

FFXIII’s reviews mention the linearity of the game as opposed to how open it used to be. I wouldn’t have a problem w/ that tbh I thought the older ones were too open and I’m the type that likes to aim for a goal and work my way to get it

You can only play one character during batles while the other 2 characters will act automatically according to the roles you assign them. That is a bummer but I bet the reason is it takes more action to handle that one character giving u a different feel than the turn based traditional battle style of FF

The story line is awesome according to the reviewers and for those who r not familiar with the Final Fantasy series you WILL GET BLOWN AWAY, note: I didn’t even play the game myself but I know how Square Enix doesn’t believe in boundaries and things always become so big. 2 Worlds separated and Mysterious “god” figures regulate them. Can you imagine how far things will go in the story?

The game will be released on PS3 and XBOX 360, the reviews mention that the PS3 version has more attention to details when it comes to the graphics giving you a better overall gaming experience.. but If you only own a 360 then u still should enjoy the game

Here is the US Trailer of the game

And here is the IGN Review of the game

Hope this sparks your interest in the final fantasy saga and believe me no words can describe the experience you get when playing any of the Fina Fantasies. Expectations r shattered and Limits r broken, nothing barred; betrayals, the supernatural, the … just play one of them and you’ll be shocked by how far these Japs would go 😉