Happy 2010

Did you have any plans that should show results in 2010?
Try to look back at your planing from this point on.
The last decade was a total disappointment. The 1st ten years of the 21st century. Started with GW Bush getting elected as president to the US, the tech bubble burst, Corporate scandals featuring Enron and others, 9/11 terrorist attacks, On going economical recession. A Decade full of chrisis, downturn, and distress. Locally the passing away of the Emir Jaber AlAhmad AlSabah (May god show mercy on his soul) and the controversy surrounding the leadership following that event. I lost count to how many times the parliament got dissolved, Women gained the right to vote and run for the parliament, and changing the districts to 5 districts… I still dont agree w/ that last bit but oh well, what can u do. Some positive stuff came up… The century ended w/ the election of the 1st black president of the US from African roots, the slight rebound of the economy after the subprime crisis. And finally lots of scientific and technological advancements. As long as this advancement doesn’t stop despite the nasty politicians and their negative effect on every aspect of our lives… Seriously, when was the last time someone said: “wow, politicians really improved our lives with this decision?”  Okay, the health care bill of President Obama, besides that 😛
Kuwait got kicked out of international sporting events starting 1st of January 2010…
GG allz
Good Game, Good Game


Did they approve the new traffic rules?  a 10-20km/h overspeeding will be 100 kd… so watch it… I just paid the fines on my record for the last 3-4 years and it was around 100kd now that would be one ticket for 100 :S


Political Game

The Israeli prime minister Benjamen Nitinyaho has met with President Obama today. The Israeli news paper Haartz claims that president Obama avoided meeting with him previously because of Nitinyaho’s position on the settlements. Of course Israeli officials deny. Thats one thing both Arab and Israeli politicians have in common, they can just blatantly lie.

Nitinyaho’s visit to the states is not solely to meet with President Oabama. He also wants to meet with Jewish Organizations in North America to gain more support for his policies. These Jewish Organizations are major campaign contributors, they contribute money to the political campaigns. And there will be “mid-term” elections in the US one year from now.

They know how to play the game, now that they feel Obama is not on their side, they’re trying to do all that they can to affect the US policies. Thats how you play the game. Not by calling the ones who try to help you “failures” and/or “criminals”. Wish our people would get it.

Change or More of the same?

Have we heard of the Goldstone report?
Its the report detailing human right violations in the attack against Ghazza. The violations outlined were from both Israelis and Palestenians.
So Israel tried to block the report from the UN as much as possible “Israel the ‘democracy’ trying to block truth? what a shock!!!”. The palestenian authority supported the block of the report “traitors of the worst kind.”
Thats just a recap but its not what ticking me off here, what ticked me off is the election of Barrak Obama was supposed to bring positive change to the world. And so far he’s been trying very hard to go against the status quo which is something we all need to acknowledge and praise the man for trying. It is hard to make so many changes especially in the US position on Israel. Obama’s administration asked Israel to completely cease settlement activity with no exceptions. Of course Israel is still prolonging and playing around the decision showing no sign of even trying to sound serious about piece negotiations. but back to whats bothering me which is the vote in the American House of representatives to condemn the Goldstone report because “it was biased against Israel”
Even with all the forces that r trying to change things the Zionist Lobby is strong and they can use all methods from political donations to threatening defamation by accusing reps of (anti-semetism) if they didn’t vote against the report.
The vote in my opinion, and I did live in the US for 6 years, doesn’t represent the American people. Its purely the Zionist lobby at work. And here comes a man who’s trying to do whats best for his people by regaining America’s credibility around the world, all that effort undermined by the machine.
President Obama needs to see support in his daring policies to keep on fighting. otherwise he’s gonna have to give in to political pressure and decide to be on the safe side.
Remember the last president to actually take steps against Israel was George Bush Sr by cutting aid from Israel. That cost him the elections and ended his political career.
The American people don’t really for foreign affairs much, so don’t let these policies nor the media fool you. They care most about their own safety and security which the Zionist party doesn’t care for as long as their goal of having a strong Jewish state ruling and surrounded by weaklings keeps going.
The argument that goes around for supporting Israel even though they have Illegal nuclear weapons is that its a democracy in the middle east. The Goldstone report mentions the use of prohibited weapons in the war in Ghazza, the images on TV even show us injured Palestinians with suspicious skin conditions that might be attributed to such prohibited weaponry.
I really hope the current administration focuses on whats best, fair, and just for everyone involved. I argue the best for the American people is to keep their credibility around the world not the blind “support-Israel-blindly” policies. Listen to Michael Scheuer the former head of CIA Bin Laden Unit say that Israel is not worth and American Dollar nor and American Life, and that view is supported by a lot of people but the media tries to shut down that opinion just like what happens in this video. I liked that Geneane Giraffulo supported the argument at the end.